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Audits & Peer Review



It is well established that value creation opportunities abound in the early stages of any project and front-end loading (FEL) is a recognised focus in any new development.


To seize early value opportunities requires experience, an open mind and broad expertise. Our creativity and innovation is balanced by a grounded understanding of the risks and limitations of new and exciting ideas. Upstream Advisors assist our clients to develop their plans for value creation and its management by:


  - Helping to assess the merits and value of thier project

  - Ensuring that there is clear understanding between their business needs and project objectives

  - Assisting in development of strategic plans for each key stage of the project

  - Developing a risk management framework and quantification of risks at each key stage of the project

  - Auditing the project at each key stage of its development for its completeness before embarking on the next stage

  - Assessment of value preservation or leakage