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Field Development Planning



At the heart of our service offering is our ability to provide field development and planning expertise.


For a given field development planning assignment we adopt a strict methodology to obtain the optimum development scenario: 


  - Obtain a clear understanding of all drivers and constraints

  - Ensure that business objectives, for example economic hurdle criteria, are fully understood by all parties.

  - Adopt a holistic approach which recognises the commercial, marketing, subsurface and surface engineering

    constraints and opportunites.

  - Formulate a robust and realistic plan in order to minimise reworking of a solution.

We create outline options of possible architectures and product export routes for a field development recognising the risks and uncertainties of the reservoir, its properties and volumetrics. Screening against mutually agreed decision criteria including cost estimate and project economics provides a quantitative decision basis for selection of the best development scenario.


Process and Facilities

Clients regularly require our assistance in the design of process and utility schemes for proposed oil and gas facilities both onshore and offshore. We are experienced in designing oil and gas separation, treatment and stabilisation trains as well as associated utilities.


This includes specification and sizing of process and utility equipment such as 3-phase separators, export compressors, power generation sets, and produced water treatment packages.


We use both in-house process calculation models and commercial software such as Aspen Hysys and PVTSim. Our process engineering skills also include the de-bottlenecking and optimisation of existing process and utility flow schemes.


Our process engineers have decades of industry experience and are able to apply this to recommending creative solutions which reduce the complexity, weight and footprint of existing process schemes; thus saving our clients both operating costs and capital expenditure.

Flow Assurance

In the early phase planning of field development concepts, it can be difficult to assess potential flow assurance issues due to limited technical information such as compositional analysis and topography.


With professionals experienced in managing flow assurance studies and operations across all stages of the project lifecycle, Upstream Advisors is able to add value to clients by applying this experience to identifying, analysing and proposing robust solutions to potential flow assurance issues, including at the very early project phases.


We have completed a number of client assignments addressing typical problems such as hydrate inhibition, terrain and hydrodynamic slugging, waxy crudes, pigging and flowline sizing. We have professionals experienced in running a range of flow assurance software, including OLGA, PipeSim and LedaFlow.


UA also has in-house knowledge in subsea process equipment such as ESPs and Multiphase Pumps, and we are able to integrate these into an overall flow assurance solution.


Cost Estimating

We carry strong in-house expertise in cost estimating of oil and gas projects at the early phases of development. We frequently complete assignments requiring cost estimates across areas such as:


  - Drilling & Completions (DRILLEX)

  - Subsea Facilities

  - Floating/Fixed Substructures

  - Topside Facilities

  - Operating Costs (OPEX)

  - Decommissioning Costs (ABEX)


We are also able to assist in planning and definition of field development architecture at the concept development, feasibility, and pre-FEED phases, in order to optimise costs and reduce ultimate CAPEX.


As well as experience using commercial cost estimating software, we also continue to develop proprietary in-house tools for cost estimating. This includes QuikE$t; an in-house software platform that employs a substantial database of real projects data to generate high-level EPCI and CAPEX estimates across the typical project building blocks.


UA welcomes discussions with operators or service companies interested in participating in the ongoing development of QuikE$t and/or wanting to express an interest in future access to QuikE$t.