Excellent FPAL Feedback

Upstream Advisors joined FPAL in 2012 and have found that the opportunity to seek focused client feedback has brought real benefits.

A recent FPAL benchmarking exercise shows that our clients judge us as good or excellent, and tend to rate us more highly than our competitors. Clients see our strengths as:

  • innovation and improvement
  • organisational flexibility and responsivity
  • clear & effective commercial management


FPAL benchmarking comparison

Based on our FPAL Feedback from:
Shell UK
JX Nippon
Norske Shell
The FPAL benchmarking comparison was carried out 4Q15 against a range of companies from small independent consultancies to major FEED services providers.


Upstream Advisors is a niche, independent consultancy serving the exploration and production sector of the oil and gas industry.

Our capability spans the technical, project management and commercial arenas of the upstream sector. Our clients look to us for objective, knowledgeable and experienced advice.