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Opportunity Realisation

Forming the Workflow to Perform Field Development


We help exploration and production companies to realise their opportunities.


An oil or gas discovery has to go through a rigorous development planning process before it becomes a fully funded project. A substantial programme of defining work has to be completed by a multi-discipline team (subsurface, surface, commercial) to assess its dimension and economic worth.


We assist our clients by helping to create a roadmap of the technical and commercial work required to fully delineate an opportunity. We have our own business processes and tools which may be used as a basis for creating a bespoke business planning process. We offer a management team to oversee the execution and completion of the work programme – allowing your management resources to focus on other value creating opportunities.


Opportunity realisation is a dynamic and interactive process which comprises:


  - Assessment of the maturity of exploration and reservoir data
  - Formulating a work flow to mature the opportunity - the "roadmap"
  - Creating a decision hierarchy for each key stage of development - the decision framework.
  - Managing and executing the work
  - Distilling the results of the work into the decision framework
  - Review of findings and planning the next move


We are confident we can help you increase the value of your asset during the maturation phase of a field development.